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Unbridled. My vision: horses on the walls of a cave. But I get carried away with color. 18×36 watercolor on Arches paper, $1,700

Nearly all my paintings on this website are also available as prints.


Commissions accepted. Tell me what you want. email: ecsullivanart@aol.com


I also paint murals and do public art.


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Watercolor Gallery


A gallery of watercolor paintings in various sizes. Prints of most of them are also available. Watercolor was my first love – I discovered it when I lived in a small apartment and had no room for other media like oils or sculpture.

Chinese Inks Gallery

Most of these paintings are on rice paper using traditional Chinese inks. Prints of some available.

Mural Gallery

I paint public art murals in many locations and enjoy painting them. This is a sampling of commissions I’ve won, and a few that I painted for myself. It’s a challenge to use industrial paint for murals when you are used to using watercolors. The paint doesn’t mix in the same way. But I love having a gallon or a quart of paint instead of a small tube. I hate running out of paint. With a gallon I’m sure I’m not going to run out. If you would like to commission a mural contact me. I’ve done several murals on interior rooms in private homes, and a few outside.

Acrylics Gallery

A different kind of paint but still water based, acrylics can impart brilliant color to a painting. Originals are on canvas. Some prints available.

Cats, Dogs, Armadillos and Whimsey Gallery

EC Sullivan Artist - Cats, Dogs, Armadillos and Whimsey GalleryThese small creations are mostly watercolors and a few collages with fabric. The writings on them are mine unless credited to someone else. I sell all of them as prints, $25, matted to size 8×10 for easy framing (standard frame size). A few originals are available – contact me. If you would like me to paint your dog or cat (or armadillo?)