Elizabeth Sullivan has been drawing and painting since childhood.

She grew up around horses, and worked on an Arabian horse ranch in Texas.  Horses are a main subject of Elizabeth’s art and have always been a part of her life.

“I like to paint graceful and powerful motion,”  she says, “and horses provide a beautiful subject.”  Birds, fish and other wildlife also appear in her art.

She started doing art shows in 2001, and plans to continue, as well as produce works for galleries, and show her work as visiting artist at Bass Pro Wildlife Art Gallery in Springfield, Missouri.   Her unique and original style caught the eye of several manufacturers and has now been licensed to companies who have produced area rugs, posters, greeting cards,  and other products with her art.  Her murals, on barns in Texas and Missouri, and on many walls, electrical boxes, cars, and a refrigerator (!?) have been published in books.

Elizabeth currently lives and paints in Elgin, Texas.  She has done hundreds of art shows across the US. Awards from various art shows are listed on her resume. She also teaches watercolor to adults and children. As a volunteer she devotes time weekly to teaching art to autistic kids, and playing music for facilities for the elderly. She holds a BFA from the University of Texas.